On Friday 3 February player and coaches headed down to Portsea for our now annual pre-season camp, the first camp under new coach Jason Bristow.

Friday night was about getting together to discuss the year ahead and as a group decide what we wanted to get out of the weekend. Of course these discussion could not commence until the boys had watched with great interest the historic AFLW match on TV. Go Girls!!

The boys divided into four teams with each allocated a different colour singlet. Saturday was up and into it early 6.30am start with w warm up – boxing, caring bricks, stretches and loosing up for the day ahead.

After a quick breakfast it was down to the beach for a modified triathlon – swim, run, swim. Mick Meyer showed that age was not going to slow him down by coming in first, leaving some of the younger guys well behind.

Then it was beach games, tug of war, flags which Dougie excelled at!!, and the old shoe wrestle before we adjourned for a well earnt break and a good feed. After the break in very hot conditions we partook in “Bubble Soccer” which was harder than it looked and very physical, some of the stronger guys sent many a lighter weight rolling backwards in their wake. Tommy Redmond proved very difficult to knock of his feet showing his defensive qualities.

Showered and changed the boys got together inside again for “Grill Team” with Mac O’Donnell to introduce the new boys to the group with some probing questions and drawing some enlightening answers!! It was time for another feed and a well-earned cool drink so the group headed to the Portsea Hotel for dinner.

Sunday was a recovery swim, bacon and egg roll and then we headed home. All agreed that the spirit of the camp was excellent, we worked hard and will reap the benefits as the season comes around.

Thanks to the coaches for giving of their time for the weekend, also thanks to Chippy and Tony for arranging and preparing the food for the hungry boys and also Sarah for being our trainer on Saturday.