Life Membership is awarded to those people who have sacrificed their time to ensure the smooth running of their football club over many years in many different roles. The people below have been Players, Presidents, Committee Members, Coaches, Team Managers, Canteen and Bar Servers (sometimes we’re sure, all in the same year!). The Parkdale Vultures Football Club pays tribute to all our Life Members and give thanks for their efforts.

Parkdale Vultures Amateur Football Club (2004 to Present)

[table colwidth=”30|30|30|30″ colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
D Barr,P Perazzo,C Barr,S Rix
P Fatouros,Matt Sullivan,Mick Sullivan,B Ruddy
G Sullivan,M Davies,N Perazzo,W Benton
MRuddy,L Thomas,J Noonan,R Venuto
C Sullivan,K Sullivan,S Sullivan,T White
D Fenech,P O’Meara

St Patricks Mentone Amateur Football Club (1969 to 2003)

[table colwidth=”30|30|30|30″ colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
R Caples,K Allday,M Bowden,M Symons
P Emmett,T Symons,P Emmerson,B Hunt
M O’Brien,B Dix, P Murphy,P Lewis
D Murphy,B Symons,H Kellet,Brett Sebire
D Sheehan,T Allinson,A Davis,M Walsh
Bonnie Sebire,T Sullivan

Parkdale Football Club (1934 to 2003)

[table colwidth=”30|30|30|30″ colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
D Bailey,L Batey,R Brown,F Blake
P Brennan,R Costelloe,L Clough,A Davidson
D Dodd,B Douglas,W Davison,R Eadie
P Edwards,R Griffiths,M Gamon,R Gluth
J Godfrey,W Godfrey,G Green,W Howell
R Hollingsworth,P Jones,L James,H Lyon
G Manning,M Murray,H Mulvogue,J McMahon
R Purvis,J Purvis,J Rix,J Rust
J Ross,C Sambell,L Welsh,R Lawrence
R Godwin,J Godwin,T Fithall,K Newton
A Steele,J Simmons,J Batey,M Slater
W Sylvester,G Barnacle,G Collins,G Collins
T Moor,G Forester,B Merrigan,B Boland
P Cusden,V Berwick,A Luscombe,J Rix (Mrs)
H Samuels,H Anderson,B Bajada,K Cook
K Richards,E De Amicis,S Hahn,R Smith
J Souter,W Soulsby,P Moait,L Moait